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March 22, 2007

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March 23, 2007 UK-based bespoke luxury goods creator Luvaglio has created the first million dollar laptop. That’s what the first of their luxury laptops will sell for. Full details of the laptop have not been released at this point, but it is known that it incorporates a 17" widescreen LED lit screen with a specially designed anti-reflective glare coating for clear and brighter image, 128GB of Solid State Disk space and a slot loading Blue-Ray drive. There is an integrated screen cleaning device and a very rare coloured diamond piece of jewellery that doubles up as the power button when placed into the laptop and also acts as security identification. Images here.

Luvaglio CEO Rohan Sinclair Luvaglio told Gizmag earlier today: “Unlike many of the highly priced products being released, we took our time to develop something out of the ordinary with real attention to detail. “

“I didn't want us to simply re-house a laptop into a diamond studded casing, or diamond encrust the entire thing simply to make it expensive. We've put thought in from the keyboard down to the power charger. There is an integrated screen cleaning device and a very rare coloured diamond piece of jewellery that doubles up as the power button when placed into the laptop and also acts as security identification. We have used diamonds elsewhere but have given them purpose.”

According to Luvaglio, “the brand is committed to re-defining luxury in a few sectors, technology being one of them.

“Many claim to produce luxury goods but we believe that the true element of luxury is having something that says "YOU", that money can't buy.

“At present and from our previous luxury work, our initial clients will be chosen from this selection as we have already established trust.

“The range to be released shortly would allow the owner to become the creator and visit our showroom at two or three well known upmarket stores we are in discussion with, whereby our selection of materials, finishes and accessories will be available to view and a choice selected.

“The choice will be based on our selection but of course other colours and finishes can be done on request. We have access to diamonds that are simply rare and near impossible to get hold of, so are able to offer a very embodied choice.

“The presentation boxes are of course supplied and finished in the choice that is selected by the client. Exact figures I am unable to provide at present due to negotiations but will certainly be more obtainable then our master piece.”

The first such masterpiece will sell for more than US$1,000,000.

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Anyone that buys this fashion statement should be slapped.

Jeevan Singh

Hahahaha, too bad it\'s ugly

Justin Murray

what a joke, we dont need useless tools like this guy polluting the market with junk like that!

Vikram Vishwanath

What a crock! I just can\'t help thinking how many people could be fed/housed/cured with the $995,000 difference between that machine and a really really good, leather-bound laptop. Gawd, $5000 gets you a lot of computing these days - i could replace all 3 computers and 1 laptop at my place with even that much. This is a product for people who have lost the plot.

John Hogan

For that amount of money I\'d buy a supercomputer.

Niko Genimakis

One word comes to mind: Decadency.

Lody Koehorst

Only a 128GB SSD? I would expect at least 256 for that price.

I do have sympathy for people who have this sort of money. I drool over computers myself and wish that I could afford them but if I could I know that next month I will see another and want that one. Imagine what it must be like having so much money that you can always get what you want. It must grow hideously tedious. As soon as you have something you like someone else releases something better. The only way you can get freedom from your lust for shiny new toys is to buy something ludicrously well crafted and designed at an obscene price.

None of us can place our feet in the shoes of someone with millions to spend on a whim or for a gift so it would be wrong of us to criticise them. Money does not make them happy, they have the same desires as the rest of us. They just manifest those desires in a little more extravagant way.

Ro Atkinson

Hahaha, what? They\'re releasing this laptop again?

It was back in April 2007 that I posted about the soon release of a one million dollar laptop. Looks like nothing has changed in these 4 years. They probably could not sell a single piece of it for $1M in 4 years, so they just repainted it and trying to sell it again. Hilarious.

Donald List

That is the most STUPID thing I\'ve seen in years. They should keep a list of everyone that buys and sell it to every huckster on the planet. THAT list would truly be worth millions.

Benedict Kim

This is ridiculous. The specs on it alone should be much, much better. You could get a 5000 dollar laptop bound with leather that would make this one look like an outdated piece of crap. You could buy a top of the line MacBook pro for 8000 or so and get much better hardware, a better design, better battery life, and sturdier design. WTF is wrong with Italian luxury companies? They all are a bunch of morons. I bet they make this laptop for around 15,000 and then mark it up for rich old-money people with nothing better to do in their lives and no intelligence nor common sense.

Adam Profitt

I think we have a bunch of rich, over-entitled, rich people sitting around thinking how to screw their buddies for a cool million. For $1 million, I want something bigger than a frikkin pathetic 128GB SSD - I want RAID 1TB SSD\'s, and a heck of a lot more. Stick to smoking crack and wasting your inheritance, douchebags!


This kind of extreme opulence make me dislike the ridiculously rich even more than I already do now. Sickening. I doubt that porn will look any better on it. Some jerk who believes he deserves it will waste the money and that money could do so much good for the needy. It\'s not decent. Uncivilized.


You will definitely be the biggest douchebag in the world if you buy one of these. And talk about lame, the specs SUCK! Its not even a powerhorse...its middle of the road new technology at best! There will come a day when all the pretentious richie poohs of the world will be put on the same playing field as the rest of us. How nice that will be! :)

Electronic Enes

I have a million dollar toothpick for sale! If your stupid enough to buy it then maybe this laptop is the deal for you!

Facebook User

i am a firm support of capitalism but stuff like this is simply very wrong. I dont even ask that these rich guys contribute to charity/needy or anything close to it. why cant you stand outside a bank and loan the first enterprenuer who walks out with a crestfallen face after being denied a loan by the shark banks or something of that nature? a 1 Million dollars Laptop? really...seriously? Whats even more pissing is that these guys will actually never use these things for anything that generates income, probably gifts for children who couldnt give a hoot...too busy speeding the aston martins to use the laptops.

Little Hiti
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