Two-in-one Window Frame and expandable balcony


March 18, 2007

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March 19, 2007 Making the most of the space we have available is becoming an increasingly important factor in apartment living and though this solution might not suit those who suffer from vertigo, it’s a cost-efficient way of adding sunlight and a balcony and opening up a compact apartment just a tad more. Bloomframe is an innovative window frame which can be transformed into a balcony. With one push on a button the balcony opens smoothly within 15 seconds and on the few square meters which are generated two persons can enjoy breakfast in the open air. Although the construction is extremely solid, the balcony looks elegant and transparent. Designers Hofman Dujardin Architects forsee a building where the changing of the weather in spring would see the balcony’s open up like a flower.

The Bloomframe window has a broad range of applications. Apartments for students can be easily equipped with an outdoor space. Hotels can add terraces to their rooms. In large scale renovations of former warehouses balcony's can be created by adding Bloomframe windows to the building.

The Bloomframe is designed and patented by Hofman Dujardin Architects while the Research & Development department from Hurks geveltechniek based in Veldhoven turned the design concept into a spectacular functional prototype. Alcoa Architectural Systems displayed the Bloomframe prototype at the International Building and Construction Exhibition 2007 Utrecht The Netherlands in February 2007.

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\"déjà vu\" . Brands like \"velux\" does such window for years.

Ariel Dahan

I don\'t think the Velux is comparable. All it does is raise a skylight and extend a railing. It has no floor, instead allowing the use of attic floorspace otherwise unusable because the roof slopes too closely. This Bloomframe actually creates additional floorspace when deployed. Although I can\'t see what the advantage might be over a fixed balcony, which would be cheaper to build without all the moving parts and motors. There\'s just no need to fold away a balcony when it\'s not in use.

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