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New tire with retractable studs


March 14, 2007

New tire with retractable studs

New tire with retractable studs

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March 15, 2007 We’re not sure whether the Qtire is named after Q the gadget guy of James Bond movie fame, but it would be entirely apt – the new qtire uses a patented all-weather tire technology for autos and trucks that enables studs to be extended from the surface of the tire in snow and ice, yet lie below the tread when not required. The retractable-stud tires incorporate an air bladder that pushes the studs out from inside the tire when needed, and deflates so the studs retract into the tire when not needed. The tires are not entirely maintenance free - the bladder needs to be refilled with air after the studs have been deployed around 50 times – not much effort for a significant improvement in safety.

American states Idaho, Washington, Oregon and Montana are expected to pass legislation to enable the tires to be used all year round. Q Tires expects to have the new tires available for next winter.

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