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February 13, 2007

February 14, 2007 - Nintendo launches a new channel for the Wii Menu today, "Everybody Votes", which allows up to six players per console to vote in regional and worldwide polls...a tired premise with an interesting touch - the ability to predict the results of the polls, and track your accurate predictions in a "How Tuned In Are You?" section.

The questions are updated regularly, with Nintendo promising at least three questions a week. The Everybody Votes Channel can be downloaded for free from the Wii Shop Channel.

Nintendo have caught some flack for their handling of the Wii's online capabilities, but with updates like this, the Opera browser, Virtual Channel games rolling in like clockwork, and the first online-play capable titles on the way, we're completely confident that Nintendo is on the right path to catch up with the well-established Xbox Live service.

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