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Biometric Home Security - entry via fingerprint scan


February 8, 2007

Biometric Home Security - entry via fingerprint scan

Biometric Home Security - entry via fingerprint scan

February 9, 2007 America’s top-selling lock-set manufacturer Kwikset, has unveiled a stylish biometric keyless entry system for the home. SmartScan eliminates the need for a key or key code, with the deadbolt activated simply by swiping a valid fingerprint across its sensor. Programmable with up to 50+ user fingerprints, SmartScan also has a special timed "lock out feature" that allows homeowners three levels of access options. This feature allows continual access (24/7) for family members, temporary access for house sitters or contractors, and time restricted access for babysitters or housekeepers.

"Consumer acceptance of biometric technology is accelerating," says Eric Lundquist, director of brand marketing for Kwikset. "It is currently available on portable hard drives and IBM ThinkPad computers, as well as in grocery store checkouts, gas stations and automobiles. Biometrics is an emerging technology that can give consumers an increased level of home protection and peace of mind."

Kwikset's new SmartScan technology is based on its proven Powerbolt mechanical platform. It can be easily installed on most standard doors and requires no hard wiring. The durable, low power consumption system operates on a battery with a life of one year (based on 20 accesses per day).

Kwikset's SmartScan is specifically designed as a stylish alternative to the bulky industrial biometric security systems currently available. It delivers a sleek, attractive designer look and feel, with its biometric fingerprint reader stealthily integrated into the overall design. SmartScan is available in a variety of finishes that enhances any decor in any home. The finishes carry a lifetime warranty.

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