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October 16, 2006

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October 17, 2006 A sure sign that user-generated video content and sharing on the Internet is headed for serious mainstream status is the news that a US$130 Digital Point & Shoot Camcorder will become available in the first week of November at retailers nationwide for just. Through the company's new relationships with Google Video and Grouper Networks, the Pure Digital Point & Shoot Camcorder will sharing home videos online to a new level of simplicity and convenience for the user. The camcorder has built-in software that enables users to connect directly to video sharing web sites, paving the way for everyone from moms to teens to share video easily - privately or publicly - on this popular new breed of sites.

Since its initial introduction, the pocket-sized, affordable Pure Digital Point & Shoot Camcorder has been heralded as revolutionary in its simplicity. Now, using the camcorder, consumers are able for the first time to go from shooting video to sharing it on Internet sharing sites in just three steps: shoot video with the touch of a button; plug the camcorder's built-in USB arm into a PC or Mac; and upload video directly to sharing web sites Google Video or Grouper Networks via on-board software. The software includes other convenient sharing options, such as one-step emailing, video greeting cards for a variety of special occasions, and custom-edited movie mixes.

Pure Digital Point & Shoot Camcorder users can choose to share their home movies exclusively with friends and family they invite to watch their video or post it publicly on the sites where it can be viewed by anyone around the world.

"The Pure Digital Point & Shoot Camcorder is an easy and affordable way to capture and share high-quality home video," said Jonathan Kaplan, CEO, Pure Digital Technologies. "Now everyone can get in on the video sharing craze -- from parents who only want to share videos privately with friends and family to young people eager to make their creations available to millions."

"Video sharing on the Internet has become a tremendously popular way of communicating and building community," said Hunter Walk, business product manager, Google Video. "Devices like this new simple camcorder from Pure Digital make it possible to upload video directly to Google Video and will fuel the sharing of great video moments."

"Integrating Grouper's video sharing service inside the Pure Digital camcorders is a groundbreaking step in bringing video sharing to the mass market," said Josh Felser, president, Grouper Networks. "This opens up a whole new world for friends and family to share memories."

Camcorder features, pricing and availability

* 2x digital zoom; 1.4 inch color playback screen * Instant playback, review and delete features * On-board software for simple viewing, sharing and archiving videos * Video upload, sharing and free hosting options with Google Video and Grouper Networks * Simple email functions and video greeting cards powered by Grouper Networks * Home movies can be viewed instantly on TV or PC * Pricing: $129.99 for the 30-minute camcorder; $169.00 for new 60-minute model * Camcorder will be available at over 10,000 retail locations including Target, Costco, CVS/pharmacy, RiteAid Pharmacy, Longs Drugs, Duane Reade, Eckerd Pharmacy, Ritz/Wolf Camera Centers, and Albertsons * For DVD processing, return to one of over 9,000 Pure Digital-certified retail locations

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