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LCD Monitor with integrated iPod connectivity


October 2, 2006

LCD Monitor with integrated iPod connectivity

LCD Monitor with integrated iPod connectivity

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October 3, 2006 Okay, this is the last time we mention iPod ever … well at least for today. Every time we see another very cool iPod peripheral we swear it’s the last one we’ll run but they keep coming and this integrated ViewDock display from ViewSonic has forced us to succumb yet again. It’s the first “Made for iPod” LCD display with an integrated iPod dock and popped up at the 2006 Apple Expo in Paris, receiving a Best of Expo 2006 award. The ViewDock monitor expands media player possibilities by integrating an iPod docking station into a widescreen display and we reckon this idea has some longevity to it as it offers immediate access to a screen 65 times larger than an iPod screen and might spawn yet another direction for the way we access our media.

The ViewDock also enables users to synchronise and charge their iPod and play music directly through the monitor speakers. On top of that, the feature-rich monitors offer multiple connectivity options, including several USB 2.0 ports and an 8-in-1 card reader – along with a microphone, integrated stereo speakers and a subwoofer.

The ViewDock will be available in November. Pricing is not yet available.

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