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The iRocker - iPod Gaming Music Chair


August 30, 2006

The iRocker - iPod Gaming Music Chair

The iRocker - iPod Gaming Music Chair

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August 31, 2006 The iRocker is an interactive gaming chair with docking station that allows the user to lounge comfortably while enjoying surround-sound music . It comes complete with remote control, a multi-position reclining back, Heavy Magnet speakers, Base Tube (on many models), audio inputs, additional line input (to use with brands of MP3 players other than iPod) and master volume dial with LED indicator light (for non-docking models). It can also be used with any electronic device that has an audio output, making it ideal for video game sound set-up.

Made by Adonis Furniture, the only video game / rocker chair is licensed by Apple as a genuine “made for iPod” docking station, the first gaming chair to be licensed under the scheme.

With top-quality speakers made by Alltek Vision, the iRocker is available in seven different price points, ranging from US$99 up to US$599. Each chair adopts the sound through between two and five speakers, depending on the model.

The the iRocker is offered in two different colour schemes for the adult and teen audience. The teen version comes with its micro fiber cushions in a choice of six hip colours, while the adult version is available in black, bone or saddle, in faux leather.

Adonis Furniture uses timbers that are 100% plantation- grown (mainly, hevea brasiliensis) and/or are harvested under the sustained forest management guidelines of the ITTO.

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