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The WheelChair Mover - an Ergonomic Mobility Solution


August 15, 2006

The WheelChair Mover - an Ergonomic Mobility Solution

The WheelChair Mover - an Ergonomic Mobility Solution

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August 16, 2006 With a workforce that is growing older and both patients and facilities that are growing larger, hospitals and nursing home caregivers are enduring the highest rate of injury of any occupation. That’s the broad thinking that resulted in Dane Technologies’ WheelChair Mover, the healthcare industry's first power-assist device making patient wheelchair transport safe, smooth and easy.

Designed for use by hospital personnel, the WheelChair Mover fits all standard wheelchair sizes and models in any healthcare facility, easily transporting patients safely and securely around hallways, in elevators, and up and down ramps while reducing potential injury or physical strain to the caregiver.

The WheelChair Mover uses a simple hand lever design that activates secure hitching to the frame of the wheelchair. The ergonomic design of the machine makes it easy for the operator who controls the speed with easy and controlled throttle acceleration. With the unit securing the frame at a low center of gravity, turning the wheelchair in a circle is smooth and effortless. Compact and quiet, the Dane WheelChair Mover is the ideal device to fit within hospital rooms, and hallways while meeting the objectives of safe patient handling and moving programs. Most significantly, it protects caregivers from debilitating repetitive stress injuries while maximizing their productivity.

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