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Smart Rack doubles the firepower of an F/A-18


July 20, 2006

Smart Rack doubles the firepower of an F/A-18

Smart Rack doubles the firepower of an F/A-18

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July 21, 2006 EDO has delivered the first of 135 BRU-55 dual-carriage, "smart" bomb racks to the US Navy and in so doing, is doubling the firepower of the Navy's F/A-18 aircraft. The BRU-55 doubles the smart-weapon carriage capacity of an F/A-18, and incorporates the electronics necessary to interface with "smart weapons", such as the GBU-38 500-pound GPS guided Joint Direct Attack Munitions (JDAM) and enables individual targeting and release of each weapon. As Naval aviation has transitioned to the use of smarter weapons, the BRU-55 becomes a critical force multiplier and offers the potential for significant operational cost avoidance.

The BRU-55 will initially be utilized on the F/A-18 A+, C & D models. The Super Hornet (F/A-18 E/F) will be BRU-55 capable upon completion of an ongoing integration-and-test effort.

EDO is also developing pneumatic launching systems for the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, the P-8 Multi-mission Maritime Aircraft, and the MQ-9 Predator B unmanned aircraft system. The company is also developing a launching system for the Joint Common Missile.

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