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The world's most expensive mobile phone


July 15, 2006

A Sony Ericsson T68 that has been glitzed by Peter Aloisson

A Sony Ericsson T68 that has been glitzed by Peter Aloisson

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July 16, 2006 Russian company JSC Ancort has teamed with celebrity jeweller Peter Aloisson to create a very upmarket version of Swiss Crypto Telecommunication Security’s Crypto Smart telephone which will sell for US$1.3 million and in so doing, become the world’s most expensive mobile telephone. Designed to attract attention to the issues of mobile phone privacy, the solid platinum Brilliant Crypto Smartphone uses a symmetric 256 bit cryptographic algorithm and Windows CE operating system. In addition to the platinum body, the Ancort logo and the navigation key are made of 18 carat rose gold, as is the navigation key which also carries 28 round cut diamonds. Aloissen is well known for his personalisation and bejewelling of popular mobile phones such as the Nokia 8210 and Sony Ericsson T68, increasing their sale price to more than EU32,000. The phone can also be ordered with the platinum treated with a black rhodium process to give it a black, shiny look.

The phone also comes with a Connolly leather carrying case with platinum trimmings and lock and hand made macassar ebony presentation box with beige suede leather lining again with platinum trimmings and lock. When the box is opened, it plays music and the music can be changed to the client’s choice.

Space has been reserved on the phone and leather pouch for personalization with the company logo or client’s name/initials.

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