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Mount, power, and play your iPod in your car


May 8, 2006

Mount, power, and play your iPod in your car

Mount, power, and play your iPod in your car

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May 9, 2006 FM transmitters are a great way of taking your MP3 player on the road with you, though the quality of these items has traditionally varied between terrible and acceptable. Early reports on Belkin’s two new TuneBase FM products for the iPod suggest that the product’s improved built-in FM-transmission technologies exceed all expectations offering crisp and clean audio performance. Not surprisingly, sales have gone off with such a bang that demand has outstripped supply and the units are temporarily out of stock. The compelling factors include that both (one for all iPods except the shuffle and another smaller unit for the diminutive iPod nano) let you power, charge and listen to your iPod simultaneously, both utilise the iPod LCD for tuning and the flexible-steel neck offers easy repositioning so it’s where you want it so you don’t drive off the road while changing music. If you have an iPod and you spend a lot of time in the car, this US$80 product is an investment in lifestyle.

The TuneBase FM for iPod comes with interchangeable trays for each model iPod, making it compatible with all iPod devices (except shuffle).

The TuneBase FM transmits audio wirelessly on multiple FM channels from 88.1Mhz – 107.9MHz so you can easily listen to your iPod on the best available frequency. The TuneBase FM includes interchangeable trays for the iPod video, 4G, 3G, nano, photo and mini models.

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