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Compact clamshell delivers double-burner power


May 7, 2006

Compact clamshell delivers double-burner power

Compact clamshell delivers double-burner power

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May 8, 2006 The advent of the portable stove enabled many things, not the least being a significant relief of the hardships endured by soldiers, campers and adventurers. When first patented in 1884, the Primus stove was a breakthrough and more than 50 million stoves were sold before the design was substantially changed for the first time in 1960. Nowadays, there’s a lot of choice in portable stoves but the new US$73 Coleman Fold ’N Go two-burner clamshell is the first of a new breed. It is approximately 25 percent more compact than traditional two burners, designed to be easier to carry and stow yet deliver uncompromising power and performance. Full-size cooking power is delivered via two burners, each rated at 10,000 Btu and fully adjustable from a fine simmer to full-throttle boiling and frying speed. The burners are spaced 13 inches apart to allow the use of large skillets and pots, offering versatile cooking options in camp, at tailgate parties, on picnics or the patio.

The regulator and fuel cylinder attachment component stores neatly inside the stove when closed and attaches to the back of the stove when in use. A standard 16.4-ounce fuel cylinder powers the stove, which features Coleman’s Perfectflow pressure regulator for consistent performance throughout the life of each fuel cylinder.

No matches are needed to light the new stove, as it has an electronic ignition system. An optional storage bag is also available to hold the stove and two cylinders of propane.

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