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The BallFinder SCOUT electronic golfball finder


April 22, 2006

The BallFinder SCOUT electronic golfball finder

The BallFinder SCOUT electronic golfball finder

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April 23, 2006 We’ve written about a few golfball finding mechanisms in our time, but none are as expensive or as accurate as the BallFinder SCOUT. The device exhibits an astonishing capability in digital imaging and tracking technology, using a video-based camera which can search up to 600 square feet in one second or almost 1/7 of an acre in 10 seconds. Each two megapixel image (two million pixels) is analysed pixel by pixel in nanoseconds and once a ball is found the device vibrates and reveals the ball’s location on the screen. The SCOUT finds balls hidden deep in rough if just three dimples are showing. As little as 1% of a standard white ball needs to be visible before BallFinder SCOUT will find it and guide a golfer to its resting place.

At UKP148, you’d need to play a lot of golf (or be a particularly bad golfer) to get a return on the investment in terms of the cost savings in golf balls, but it could save you the occasional lost ball penalty and play will definitely speed up given the accuracy and speed of the SCOUT.

Each device comes with an instructional DVD, featuring hints and tips from Nick Faldo, and a carry clip that can be attached to a golf bag or belt.

It runs on two AAA batteries and features a low battery indicator. The lens and screen can be cleaned easily with a soft cloth.

BallFinder SCOUT is available now.

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