The innovative new 70 WallyPower Motor Yacht


April 2, 2006

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April 3, 2006 The new 70 WallyPower carries the same distinctive stealth-like exterior as the US$25 million WallyPower 118 that won the Millenium Yacht Design Award, an award dedicated to the “Layout of the Third Millennium, a design that remarkably contributed to the development of the concept of the yacht layout”. The 70 WallyPower’s credentials as a floating pointer to the future remain equally as distinctive, with a glass composite hull, carbon fiber superstructure and KaMeWa water-jet propulsion system though with a far more modest price tag than its 118 big sister in the vicinity of US$3.5 million.

The 21-meter WallyPower 70 comes in two basic models, both with that same distinctive dark glass exterior though one has a fully enclosed glass cabin area and the other is open to the aft transom, with the air conditioning acting as a barrier between the outside and the inside. Both can seat 20 or more for meals, though if it’s party space you’re after, the open version with the “lunch boat” layout is the one to go for, as its deck plan flows seamlessly between three social areas. And if you fancy speed, both boats are powered by two MTU diesel engines generating 3,000 horsepower, pushing the 70 WallyPower’s top speed 47.5 knots half load, and 45 knots full load at continuous duty with a consumption of only 250 litres – 66 US gallons per hour! Extensive photo library of these exquisite motor yachts.

Like the fully-enclosed 70 WallyPower, the Open version is available with three different interior layouts: “lunch” boat with the owner’s suite plus a very large galley; three guest cabins; and suite with an immense owner’s stateroom taking up half of the accommodation area.

The “lunch boat” layout offers what WallyPower refers to as a “loft on the water.” Of the three different social areas, the forward one is completely under the superstructure, aft the helm station, and can be used for dining or converted into a lounge by removing the table top. The second area is half sheltered by the superstructure and can also be either dining or lounge. The third area is the aft large sunbathing pad.

The 118 WallyPower is such a distinctive flagship, that it has paved the way for the powered Wally fleet. Similarly, the 70 Wallypower duo are not for traditionalist owners – they offer the latest in design and materials for motor yachts.

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