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The ezVue Storage System


March 30, 2006

The ezVue Storage System

The ezVue Storage System

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March 31, 2006 The ezVue is a storage system designed to capitalise on limited space by creating multiple shelves within a single drawer – it’s a bit hard to exp-lain without seeing it, but we hope these diagrams make it clear – it’s actually a very clever and effective storage and organisation product with great potential for the office products market. The clever bit is the patented hinge system and the inventor is currently seeking investors or potential licensees to deliver the product to market.

The ezVue could also be adapted to suit the home, shed, caravan or boat, or in any situation where space is limited. Depending on the application, the product could be easily customised to house a variety of items for example, office records, CD/DVDs or food products.

Due to the adaptability and benefits the product offers, this investment opportunity may be of interest to a number of parties including manufacturers (furniture, kitchen, packaging), private investors and others.

For more information, contact Troy White at Innovation & Technology Australia.

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