FlashDisc – the new flash-based floppy?


March 15, 2006

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March 16, 2006 Now we’re not sure if this one will fly or not. msystems has announced the introduction of FlashDisc, a new flash-based storage category. The FlashDisc has between 16 and 32 megabytes of data storage and a USB interface, which allows sharing of data on virtually any PC or Mac. The format is a response to market research which has identified an apparently unmet consumer need for small, easy to use, rewritable media with storage density higher than the old floppy diskettes, but lower than that of personal USB flash drives typically used today. As yet there’s no price been announced, and we’d suggest this product will be very price sensitive, as it’s essentially a personal give-away for people who haven’t heard about the internet yet.

"With the decline of the floppy diskette as a widely-used storage medium, the megabit growth and increased functionality of our U3 smart drives, people are confronted with an apparently unmet need to easily and affordably share photos, documents and other files with family, friends and work colleagues," said Tzipi Ozer-Armon, general manager for msystems' Retail and Enterprise division. "Anticipating the growing acuteness of this need, msystems is proud to present FlashDisc, an exciting new category poised to radically transform the way people share their data. Together with our global brand partners, we are bringing FlashDisc onto the retail media shelf for this exciting new expansion opportunity."

"In recent market research conducted on our behalf, we have identified an apparently unmet consumer need for small, easy to use, rewritable media with storage density higher than floppy diskettes, but lower than that of personal USB flash drives typically used today," said Noam Kedem, vice president of marketing for msystems. "msystems' FlashDisc is an ideal media for sharing, which meets these requirements and promises an added growth opportunity for msystems, leveraging our flash management expertise, USB flash drive IP, strategic flash supply agreements and established brand partner channels. This new media category is expected to tap into new mass-market segments, educating new users about the smart benefits of flash-based, data storage."

"At msystems, innovation is a way of life," said Dov Moran, president and CEO of msystems. "From TrueFFS to mDOC to mDrive (formerly DiskOnKey), we have certainly invented our fair share of technology. But, innovation for us is not only about inventing technology. Innovation at msystems also means creating new markets and product categories. With this in mind, we developed FlashDisc, which represents yet another example of how msystems keeps innovating to target new and yet untapped revenue streams. FlashDisc is the floppy reincarnated in USB flash drive form. A floppy diskette - made smarter."

FlashDisc will be launched in stores during March and April.

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