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Fantastic toys for the pool


June 4, 2006

Fantastic toys for the pool

Fantastic toys for the pool

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June 5, 2006 The art of resting the mind is fundamental to replenishing life’s energies and lazing around in a pool on a floater just has to be one of the most potent , readily available and affordable methods of achieving said relaxation. Excalibur Electronics has built what must be the ultimate pool lounger for the playful-at-heart. The US $150 PVC extended armchair has two powerful electric motors driving independent propellers directed by the joysticks on either arm rest, enabling one to propel oneself around one's pool in comfort and style – a nudge here, a squirt there and you can maintain the exact position you wish. Each lounger comes with its own built-in drink holder, but there’s an optional US$50 radio controlled drink holder and snack tray and a US$30 floating radio to complete the suite. Along similar lines but designed for a different, more boisterous form of pool relaxation is the US$185 Ocean Scooter, which is an inflatable , battery-powered electric jet-ski for the pool. If you have a pool, both these toys could considerably enhance your enjoyment .

The pool lounger’s soft but sturdy 0.35 mm PVC construction is capable of supporting up to 250 pounds and the only overhead is the occasional provision of 12 D-cell batteries which supply the beans for the electric motors.

The abovementioned products are all available from Excalibur Electronics.

If you have a pool. you may also be interested in Astone's Ocean Scooter, which despite its name, is actually an inflatable, electric-powered jetski for the pool.

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