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Skype mouse telephone by Sony


January 12, 2006

Skype mouse telephone by Sony

Skype mouse telephone by Sony

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The optical MouseTalk weighs 67 grams, has a cable length of 110cm, will interface via USB and USB2.0 and will sell in Japan for JPY7980 (US$70). It requires Microsoft Windows XP Professional or Home Edition or Windows 2000 Pro and can be had in black, white, blue, silver/grey and leaf green.

When you’ve finished the call close the mouse and it becomes an … err … mouse again.

If there’s a downside, it’s that if we had to stop working every time we were talking on the phone, Gizmag would have far less stories – let’s hope Sony develops a version for us multi-taskers. On top of that, we kinda like the hands-free headset for using any type of telephone, though some people will no doubt always relate to the telephone as a hold-it-to-your-ear device.

Despite these obvious drawbacks, it is a cute idea.

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