Hyundai NEOS 3 Crossover concept and technology showcase


January 6, 2006

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January 7, 2006 The 2006 Greater Los Angeles Auto Show offers an opportunity to peek into Hyundai’s future in the form of the NEOS 3 Crossover Utility Vehicle (CUV) concept. The CUV is the third in a signature series of futuristic concept cars to be styled at the company’s Chiba Design Center in Korea. The NEOS 3 offers the utility of a 4WD, but thanks to its unibody construction and opulent appointments, it retains the feel of a luxury sedan. Scratch the surface and you’ll find an array of remarkable technology including side mirrors that auto-dip in reverse gear to improve downward visibility, pre-crash sensors and proximity control using Extended High Frequency radar, an infrared night vision system, a Heads-Up Display and a trackball that offer centralized control of the climate regulation, navigation and entertainment systems.

The sleek, aerodynamic exterior looks as impressive as it performs. Spindle-shaped character lines run the length of the car adding an innovative design touch. Door-integrated side mirrors auto-dip in reverse gear and help improve downward visibility. NEOS’ rear aerodynamic design minimizes the drag coefficient while keeping the bodywork simple and clean. The front grille and headlights incorporate advanced features for safer driving. These include pre-crash sensors and proximity control using Extended High Frequency radar. Forward cameras provide extended visibility to the left and right. Headlight-integrated technologies include an infrared night vision system plus adaptive front lighting that automatically directs the headlight beam in the steering direction.

Inside, the large display is packed with information technologies, while control switches are clustered in the center console.

Under the hood is a newly developed 4.6-liter 32-valve V8 engine mated to an electronically controlled 5-speed automatic gearbox. NEOS’ interior features a three-zone design. The front seats are the “excitement zone” for pure driving enjoyment. Second-row seats are the “comfort zone” for enjoying travel as if being transported in a private jet. The third-row seats are the “versatile zone” that accommodate both passengers and luggage.

Adding a new dimension to the vehicle interface is a Heads-Up Display and a trackball that offer centralized control of the climate regulation, navigation and entertainment systems. Readouts including night vision and rear camera images are displayed on a large 11-inch LCD screen in the center stack. A multi-meter module tracks critical vehicle functions allowing the driver to be constantly informed about vehicle status and driving conditions.

We reported on the previous NEOS-II back in October, 2003.

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