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Integrated Dog Collar, Harness & Leash (and seat belt latch)


October 4, 2005

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October 5, 2005 For all those people who have a dog that takes them for a walk, the Quick Control line of collars, harnesses and leashes being unveiled later this week could be just the ticket. Both the Quick Control Collar and Quick Control Harness for bigger dogs have a built-in leash/handle that enables the dog to be controlled safely in those difficult moments all dog owners dread – at the vet, in the park and when suddenly and unexpectedly confronted by an aggressive canine. We like the concept because it addresses everyday safety and control issues with a simple, smart solution but the clincher is that both can be fitted with a seat belt latch, which addresses the need for safety while traveling in cars with dogs. It's a no-brainer because it's safer for everyone, including your beloved pet.

The new designs will be debuted at the upcoming HH Backer trade show in Chicago on October 7-9 by Bamboo, the pet care division of Munchkin.

The Quick Control Collar + Built-in leash

The Quick Control Collar elevates dog collars to the next level by combining a soft, nylon material with a built-in retractable leash, integrated identification card, and reflective stitching for visibility at night. A quick tug on the padded handle of this unique collar creates an instant leash and gives every dog owner an added measure of safety and convenience with their pet whether in the house or on-the-go.

Quick Control Collars will be available in five, two-tone fashion colours-black, red, blue, pink, and orange and come in Medium (14"-18"), Large (18"-22"), and Extra Large (22"-26") sizes.

The Quick Control Harness + Built-in leash

The Quick Control Harness brings the same level of innovation to the harness category. For medium to extra large-sized dogs that prefer harnesses to collars, the Quick Control Harness features a patented, built-in retractable leash, soft, comfortable, double strength nylon and reflective stitching for visibility at night.

Similar to the Quick Control Collar, the Quick Control Harness can be used conveniently at home, outside or during training sessions. To promote safety while traveling by car, the Quick Control Harness + Built-in leash was designed to be used with Bamboo's Quick Control Leash + Seat belt latch. Dog owners can reduce driver distraction and prevent their dog from wandering in the car with the Quick Control "system." Attaching the Quick Control Leash to the Quick Control Harness and inserting the seat belt latch into their car's seat buckle keeps the dog tethered to one spot in the car and helps reduce the distraction of a wandering pet while the vehicle is in motion. The Quick Control Harness + Built-in leash also features high-fashion durable fabric, high-performance elastic and well-constructed design elements including metal bone accents, reinforced rivets and a padded handle for comfort.

The Quick Control Harness will come in a two-tone black design with blue trim and is available in Medium, Large and Extra Large sizes.

The Quick Control Leash + Seat belt latch

The Quick Control Leash + Seat belt latch, when used in combination with the Quick Control Harness, addresses the need for safety while traveling in cars with dogs. According to the Network of Employers for Traffic Safety, driver distraction is a contributing factor in 25-50% of all car accidents. The Quick Control Leash + Seat belt latch promotes safety in the car by preventing pets from moving around and distracting the driver. The Quick Control Leash + Seat belt latch is the only leash that includes an integrated, universal seat belt connector that fits most cars. It features double strength soft nylon, a padded handle and reflective stitching for better visibility at night, as well as, a zippered pocket to store waste bags, keys and money.

The Quick Control Leash + Seat belt latch will be available in two sizes, 3 ft. (adjusts from 30" to 42") and 6ft. (adjusts from 60" to 72"), and comes in five bold, two-tone fashion colors -- black, red, blue, pink, and orange.

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