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The Scooterdesk


September 21, 2005

The Scooterdesk

The Scooterdesk

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September 22, 2005 The ScooterDesk is a design with an enormous future – a wheeled standing-aid with a built-in writing tablet, making it ideal for improving interactivity between co-workers in open plan offices, a smart alternative to relieve the static posture of workstations and the freedom to work and move in environments such as a factory, warehouse, or even outdoors. The utility of the ScooterDesk and the lighthearted way in which users toboggan around the office make it a delightful product to have around and one that helps to create a playful, group dynamic at the same time as facilitating collaboration and spontaneous group meetings. It also makes a great base for a wireless laptop!

The ScooterDesk is designed by UTILIA, a small Belgian design consultancy where the company’s hands-on attitude led it to produce the ScooterDesks under its own label 'UTILIA workfurniture'. The Scooterdesk sells for250 euro, has sufficient strength for riders up to 100 kg and between 145 cm and 175 cm and comes packed in knock-down form in boxes of only 36 x 107 x 14 cm.

The ScooterDesk is the firstborn out of a family exploring new needs at the borders of home and office.

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