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Charge 2 Go – one AA battery equals another 3 hours of talk time


September 6, 2005

Charge 2 Go – one AA battery equals another 3 hours of talk time

Charge 2 Go – one AA battery equals another 3 hours of talk time

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September 7, 2005 The Charge 2 Go is a reusable cell phone charger that accepts a AA battery and gives up to three hours of additional talk time – and at US$24.99, it’s an insurance policy that most people can afford as AA batteries can be found anywhere in any part of the world. The tiny aluminium charger comes in silver, blue, red or black and sells with a variety of connectors to fit most popular cell phone models.

The problem of dying cell phone batteries has been addressed in the past with cumbersome and inefficient solutions. Disposable chargers and units using three or four batteries have offered less than one hour of talk time. For a fraction of the battery power, Charge 2 Go is able to offer far more talk and charge time, utilizing 87% battery efficiency. A rechargeable battery may also be used for maximum savings and a higher quality battery increases performance. The unit uses a single AA alkaline, lithium or rechargeable (NiCad) battery.

Charge 2 Go can be purchased via the web direct from the company or by a number of online distributors such as Herrington

Via The Red Ferret Journal

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