Sealegs unveils rugged aluminium amphibious craft


August 23, 2005

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August 24, 2005: New Zealand-based Sealegs has unveiled an all-new aluminium amphibious craft. The 5.6m amphibious D-Tube features a 4mm marine grade aluminium hull with 3mm aluminium D-Tube shaped pontoons. An inboard air-cooled 16hp Honda engine powers hydraulic wheels motors, allowing the D-Tube to drive at up 10kmph on land and 60kmph on the water. Once in the water, a button is pushed to hydraulically retract the wheels and the Sealegs D-Tube becomes a normal sea-going boat. The boat is based on the boat which halved Sir Richard Branson's English Channel record in June. The standard SeaLegs boat cut the previous record of one hour, forty minutes and six seconds to 43 minutes and 12 seconds ( see pics inside of record).

Sealegs CEO Mr David McKee Wright says “The new all-aluminium design makes a very rugged boat with exceptional stability and safety.” The D-Tube amphibious boat has been based on market demand and feedback from various military and rescue organizations as well as serious fisherman. “With its all aluminium construction it has the ruggedness and toughness to perform in demanding commercial environments” he says.

With its walk-around centre console and eight rod holders as standard, the Sealegs D-Tube is an excellent fishing platform. It also features a self draining deck with scuppers and foam filled pontoons. The D-Tube pontoons mean that the boat is very stable at rest with ample room forward and aft for fishing.

Based on the English Channel world-record setting Sealegs amphibious marine craft with its proven amphibious technology, the Sealegs D-Tube boat does 60kmph on the water with a 90hp outboard and 10kmph on land with its inboard 16hp Honda engine. The hydraulically powered all terrain wheels fully retract when in the water which eliminates any drag.

The Sealegs D-Tube 5.6m aluminium boat is AUD$79,000 including GST with a 90hp Yamaha 2-stroke engine.

Sealegs has registered design patents and worldwide patents pending for its unique amphibious technology. The Sealegs system is designed for the salt water and utilises marine grade aluminium, marine anodised alloy and 316 stainless steel components.

Sealegs D-Tube 5.6m Specifications

Sealegs patent-pending hydraulically motorised, steerable and retractable wheel system LENGTH OVERALL: 5.6 metres (18ft 4”) BEAM: 2.4 metres (7ft 11”) HULL: 4mm 5083 Aluminium Hull with 21 degree deadrise TOP SPEED (WATER): 60km/h (37 mph) TOP SPEED (LAND) 10km/h (6mph) Powered By 90hp outboard Centre console with seating and underseat/deck storage lockers Two rear marinised hydraulic wheels powered by a 4 stroke in-board engine with electronic ignition and electric start Hydraulic steering with steerable front wheel Fitted with all-terrain 25 inch (635mm) tyres Hydraulic cylinders raise and lower legs

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