SeaJogger allows you to walk on water


August 10, 2005

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August 11, 2005 Seemingly in keeping with the latest fitness trends, the Sea Jogger is an interesting combination of recreational and exercise machine technologies. Clearly convergence isn’t just happening with all things digital – it seems that stepping machines are making a bid to become part of our exercise regime in many different ways. A few weeks ago we reported on a bicycle with a stepping machine power system (the US$795 Staircycle, which won Yahoo! Search Marketing’s Think Big contest) and now we’re writing about the Sea Jogger. Kinda similar to the Shuttle Bike which is a cross between a bicycle and a boat, the US$899 Sea Jogger differs in that it has a “stepper system” for the human power input, and instead of a propeller, there’s a quiet, effective and quite unique fin propulsion system. There is no need to take off your shoes or get wet. Just naturally walk on water. If you can walk, you can walk on water, with Sea Jogger.

From the drawing boards of serial inventor Gregory Lekhtman, whose worldwide patented products include Exerlopers and Body-Trim exercisers, Insta-Pulse heart rate monitors, Antense biofeedback systems, the SeaJogger was primarily designed as a no-impact exercise system.

Greg (that's him in the main photo) explains how Sea Jogger works: "Sea Jogger's patented construction performs a unique functionality, which is, to effortlessly walk on water. This functionality is achieved by a combination of rugged aluminum parts and flexible polymers. Sea Jogger consists of a collapsible frame, two high quality inflatable pontoons, two elongate members with flexible fins, a flexible floor, which attaches to the frame and a flexible rudder with a handlebar.

“The fin propulsion system works on the energy of a person's weight transfer while walking on the flexible floor, which causes the up and down movement of the elongated members with the fins attached to them.

“This combination results in noiseless operation with a good efficiency of forward propulsion. Sea Jogger moves forwards due to the fin propulsion and backwards due to the operation of the flexible, fin-like rudder. Easy steering is achieved by the efficient front rudder, which has two functions: steering and backward propulsion.

“The rudder is connected to the steering column and handlebar with comfortable handgrips. Sea jogger is extremely easy to operate, since the operational movement is a natural walking in place."

The Sea Jogger has a suggested retail price of US$899.00

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