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Futuristic BMW off-road helmet and body armour


June 20, 2005

Futuristic BMW off-road helmet and body armour

Futuristic BMW off-road helmet and body armour

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June 21, 2005 With the forthcoming release of the new cross-country BMW HP2 motorcycle, BMW has put together some fancy new off-road gear, and the pick of the bunch is carbon fibre, Kevlar and fibreglass off-road helmet that’s also aerodynamic and aesthetic enough to be seen anywhere. Indeed, we’re predicting that when the helmet becomes available it will be a best seller, particularly if the company decides to fit its Bluetooth and noise cancellation technologies which will enable it to work with a mobile phone and eventually with other Bluetooth devices such as MP3 players and the like. Now there’s a promising thought – imagine trail riding whilst listening to crystal-clear classical music. The new off-road helmet is reconfigurable, and can be used with or without both the visor or the screen and adds to an impressive BMW helmet line-up which also includes the featherweight SportIntegral carbon fibre helmet that weighs just 999 grams.

In addition to the new futuristic-looking Enduro helmet, there’s also some highly-ventilated protective clothing including low profile body armour and back protector, constructed of DuPont Coolmax material that breathes and draw perspiration away from the body of the rider in much the same way that Adidas ClimaCool does, making it ideal for the labour-intensive sport of enduro riding.

The gear won’t be available for some time yet on even the German market (spring 2006), and might never make it to some markets due to backward helmet laws (notably the Australian marketplace). The pricing on the off-road helmet is slated at 390 euro and the off-road armour at 300 euro.

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