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The SUMO: world's first wearable towable


June 6, 2005

The SUMO: world's first wearable towable

The SUMO: world's first wearable towable

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June 7, 2005 What probably started close to a century ago when some bright spark threw a car tyre inner tube into a river and turned it into a hours of fun has become a big business. Inflatable toys are now available for dozens of different recreational purposes, from basic loungers through purpose-built inflatables for shooting river rapids, snow sports, water-based trampolining, ground effect towables and now, the world’s first wearable towable.

As can be seen from the incredible images accompanying this article, the Sumo is a very adaptable toy, and can even be used for body surfing.

The idea is that you slide into the Sumo suit and hold on to a grab handle on the end of a 60' tow rope, shout “ready” and away you go, skimming across the surface on your front – indeed, a slight twist and you can skim on your side or your back or roll through continuous 360s if you so desire.

Due to the ribs in the Sumo suit you can also steer left and right, so you can jump the wake too. And if there’s surf nearby, it will also serve as a body surfing tube.

The Sumo is 38” long and 33” in diamater at its widest point, inflates quickly and sells for a suggested retail of US$119.95 from Sportsstuff

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