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Shipments of new portable fuel cell commence

Shipments of new portable fuel cell commence

Shipments of new portable fuel cell commence

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25 May Portable fuel cell manufacturer Voller Energy Group has begun shipping its third generation VE100 portable fuel cell. The VE100 v3 weighs just nine kilograms and delivers the equivalent to the power produced from a plug in the wall - the European version produces EU standard 230 volts at 50Hz, while the US version produces 110 volts at 60Hz. No toxic emissions are produced while the unit is operating, the only output being pure water.

The VE100 v3 portable fuel cell system is capable of delivering up to 200 watts at peak power and the unit is completely self contained and importantly does not require an external battery to start the system.

The VE100 v3 is quiet and produces AC mains electricity and simultaneously runs 12v DC electrical appliances that are designed to fit into a car lighter socket.

The third generation VE100 has several new features including an enhanced software controller with an internal microprocessor that monitors the fuel cell and optimises performance. This data can be viewed directly by a Windows-based computer or linked via the Internet or a wireless data connection.

A data port on the side of the system enables remote monitoring and the download of new software.

The VE100 v3 now also boasts a new LCD display that shows the quantity of hydrogen remaining in the canister and enables the user to program the fuel cell to be operational in a number of different modes.

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