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Lago Talbot Formula One Grand Prix Works Racer for sale


April 15, 2005

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You know the story - only ever driven on Sundays. Original condition. Only four owners. Except this one has all the paperwork including letters from Tony lago verifying its history. Very rare Formula One racing cars don’t come up that often and completely original, never damaged Formula One race cars are much rarer, so it’s astonishing that a car such as this exists. This 4.5 litre 1952 Lago Talbot Formula One Grand Prix Works Racer has never been damaged, was rebuilt at the factory to 1953 specs and sports the 270bhp “twin” plug motor which gives it a top speed of around 175 mph. Prior to being sold by Tony Lago to Australian champion driver Doug Whiteford in 1954 the car was driven by champion French drivers Louis Rosier and Pierre Levegh. The car is beautifully presented and is considered to be the most original Lago Talbot Formula One vehicle in existence. Asking price – US$1.25 million

The car went on to win many races and Whiteford was the last Lago driver to win a major international race; the Australian Grand Prix, driving his earlier “Single Plug” Lago F1, a considerably slower racer than this “Twin Plug.”

Some of Doug Whiteford’s results in the vehicle include winning the Argus Trophy Race at the Albert Park circuit in Melbourne in 1955, second to Reg Hunt’s Maserati 250 in the Argus Cup Race at Albert Park in 1955, third to Jack Brabham’s Cooper in the 1955 Australian Grand Prix, and second to Reg Hunt’s Maserati 250F in the Victorian Trophy at Fisherman’s Bend in Victoria in 1956. Whiteford sold the car to Ralph Snodgrass in 1957, who won many races before dismantling the vehicle where it remained for several decades before being completely rebuilt to the most exacting standards.

The vehicle was totally stripped, checked and rebuilt in 1980/81 by Otto Stone, Ermano Lotti and their race team and has been maintained in superb racing condition to this day. The car is beautifully presented and is considered to be the most original Lago Talbot Formula One vehicle in existence. Original correspondence from Tony Lago certifying the authenticity of the above facts relating to the vehicle comes with the car.

Asking price – US$1.25 million

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