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genX concept car has an inbuilt pop-up bed


February 18, 2005

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February 19, 2005 One of the most radical concept cars we’ve ever covered, EDAG’s genX show car has inbuilt suitcases and a bed to cater for what EDAG designers call, “the modern lifestyle.” We’re not sure if that means having a bed without having to drive home, being able to drink without having to drive or sleeping in your car permanently. The genX premiered at the 2004 Geneva International Motor Show.

The genX, conceived as a sports car for the next generation, reflects the changes in living, working and leisure time habits of society in the new millennium. Independence, speed and the desire for individuality are increasingly the striking features of private and working life. The genX has been created for people who find the boundaries between work and leisure time dissolving more and more.

“Mobility, flexibility and fun are the maxims of modern, success-oriented people,” explains Johannes Barckmann, head of the EDAG Design Studio. “This future target group is shedding social conventions such as fixed working hours and working locations and defining modern nomadism as the new lifestyle.”

The show car genX was conceived as an answer to social needs of the future: an individual 2-seater sports car which offers, the first in this vehicle segment to do so, a full-size bed for the driver.

The interior of the genX is enlarged accordingly by means of an electric lift room. The module-like, external transport boxes which are fitted in the slim waist of the genX are available for individual uses. The boxes can be removed and carried as suitcases without any trouble.

Besides the normal function as travel luggage, equipment variations such as office packs, sports packs or camping packs are planned. Thanks to its versatile concept, the genX offers its driver absolute flexibility for a wide range of working or private activities. Level regulators and all-wheel drive make the genX at home off the road as well as on.

The exterior design of the genX underscores the independent character of the innovative sports car concept. The slender waist of the genX is the major feature of the overall appearance and is a formal reminder of the concept behind a Formula 1 meteor.

The extremely flat silhouette, coupled with the protruding width of the vehicle, make the genX an imposing figure on the road and convey a powerful and self-confident image in the best sports car tradition.

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