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InVision HR 3D Printer can print jewelry parts in a day


November 1, 2004

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November 2, 2004 The development and availability of three dimensional printing systems is creating new opportunities - to demonstrate the capabilities of it's new InVision HR 3D printer, 3D Systems has been showing jewelry manufacturers how to use the system to print fine-feature, highly detailed parts in a day, reliably and at an affordable price. The response has been positive with many companies that were planning long-term to adopt 3-dimensional CAD (Computer Aided Design) software, accelerating their strategy to move to digital design and manufacturing in a matter of months as a result of the business advantages of the InVision HR 3D printer.

Priced at US$59,900 US, the InVision HR 3D printer produces high-resolution parts used for jewelry design validation, communication, aesthetics and as direct patterns for flask casting.

Expanding the established InVision 3D printer technology, 3D Systems developed a higher-resolution, simple, fast, reliable and economical solid imaging solution to address specific customer segment needs.

The high-resolution capability enables jewelry, dental, medical implants and precision alloy manufacturers to produce fine-feature, highly detailed parts in a day, reliably and at an affordable price. The InVision HR 3D printer is the second 3D printer solution to be introduced by 3D Systems following the InVision 3D printer, which was introduced in October 2003 at US $39,900

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