i-mate Announces Four New Wireless Hand-Held Range.


January 20, 2004

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i-mate has recently announced the release in Australia next month of a new range of wireless hand held devices that add both sophistication and functionality to the standard mobile phone. The new phone devices are aimed at the consumer market for users in need of a varying range of wireless services from gaming to email.

Each new i-mate is powered by Microsoft Windows Mobile software. Striking in design the range is stylish and compact and were designed to be easily incorporated in to everyday lives. The range includes the i-mate SP3, the PDA2k, the SP3i and the JAM.

The space age looking handsets incorporate a full range of features to support an every increasing demand for mobile functionality and gaming. The i-mate range of devices offers a full Microsoft suite of applications such as email, internet, MP3 player and Instant Messenger. With a blending of voice and data, the devices maximise the user's ability to display information, be organised and stay in touch locally and worldwide.

Founder and CEO of i-mate Jim Morrison (no relation) said "we're focused on delivering smart products, but in a smaller, more stylish, and more affordable form. The higher spec of mobile functionality should be on offer to a broad range of customers and not just the select few who can afford the top end devices. I expect these new products will have wide ranging appeal as they offer unbeatable value to everyone".

The SP3i is the most compact of the range weighing in at 102 grams and is targeted toward a user who predominantly makes voice calls and enjoys gaming. It has a simple joystick operation with a 2.2 inch 64K full colour screen and the casing has a black and silver finish. Built for 3D gaming the SP3i includes multiplayer and online interactive games.

The slightly larger SP3 comes with a full colour screen, built in camera, MMS and Bluetooth support. Applications include Pocket Outlook, Windows Media Player, Internet Explorer, MSN Messenger and Games. It has 32 MB of SDRAM and weighs in at 106 grams.

The JAM looks like a small PDA and boasts similar functionality running on Microsoft Windows Mobile software. It has a built in 1.3 Mega-Pixel camera and is Bluetooth capable with 64 MB of SDRAM. It supports tri-band as well as many standard features common to high-end mobile phones.

The PDA2k offers fast access to email and the internet via GPRS with built in 802.11b Wi-Fi. It has a built in QWERTY keyboard that slides away behind the device's screen. The 3.5 inch screen can be viewed in landscape mode to facilitate convenient browsing. It packs 128 MB of SDRAM and features a built in camera. With experience in the telecommunications and IT industry, i-mate has driven developments in to such industries as Banking and Utilities and Transport and is set to become the primary supplier of Microsoft powered wireless handheld devices for the Asia Pacific.

Founded in 2001, Carrier Devices, owner of i-mate specialises in collaborative design and development, and the integration of innovative, fully certified, wireless hand held devices and accessible services for the world mobile market.

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