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The Designer Mouse by Philippe Starck

Bill Gates & Philippe Starck

Bill Gates & Philippe Starck

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High profile European designer Philippe Starck has provided the centrepiece of the latest collection of input devices Microsoft design executives. Microsoft's first designer mouse, Optical Mouse by STARCK is certainly eye-catching with an illuminated coloured spine and sleek silver shape.

Bottom line, it's a two-button optical mouse with a scroll wheel, runs PC or Mac and will be available in October 2004 with a recommended retail price of AUD$59.95.

Starck's award-winning work is as interesting as it is prolific and centres around a core philosophy focused on delivering extraordinary design in everyday objects. This vision has changed the way at least some people perceive their juicer, hotel room, toothbrush, chair and even tape dispenser.

In explaining the role he played in building a better mouse, Philippe Starck commented thus: "People are doing such amazing things with their computers; however, too often the importance of the link between man and machine is underestimated.

"The PC and what we use it for is an extension of us. It defines us just as much as the clothes we wear or the music we listen to.

"With this in mind, I set out to design an artistic bridge that would help people connect with the technology they use every day.

"The result is modern and refreshingly simple, and will transform the mouse into a badge item that makes a statement about your taste and personality.

"It was wonderful to work with Microsoft and be part of designing a mouse people will use every day. As beautiful juicers can revolutionize kitchen design, this mouse can modernize desktop design."

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