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Fingerprint Recognition Wireless Phone

Fingerprint Recognition Wireless Phone

Fingerprint Recognition Wireless Phone

A leading Korean mobile phone producer http://www.pantech.co.kr has launched the world's first "fingerprint-recognition" phone. The Pantech GI100 is designed for user-friendly security and convenience and offers a level of security beyond normal passwords, with the fingerprint used for lock-in keys, memory dials, and games.

The GI100 is light (82g), small (82x40x22.5 mm) and has a 1.8" main LCD and 1.2" sub LCD wich provide enhanced images thanks to the 260K TFT.

The GI100 has a built-in 1.3 Megapixel camera with embedded flash that can also record up to 30 minutes of video.

With fingerprint recognition technology, the GI100 tightly controls personal key entries. Only a registered fingerprint can enable keying in and use of the phone. The "Secret Finger Dial" facility enables a user to assign a phone number to each of their ten pinkies, enabling each fingerprint to be used for quick dialling.

Further, by sweeping fingerprints instead of pushing in keys, you can enjoy games like car racing, slot machine and match making. The flash memory of 256 Mb enables a number of additional functions such as 150 minutes of voice recording.

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