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TiVo-style Device for AM/FM Radio

TiVo-style Device for AM/FM Radio

TiVo-style Device for AM/FM Radio

'Radio YourWay' is a handheld AM/FM Digital Recorder designed to do for radio what TiVo has done for television

Radio YourWay enables users to set a timer or record real-time AM/FM radio as well as listen to their favourite shows at convenient times and locations of their choice. Recording is as simple as pressing a button to record a particular broadcast totally unattended or set it up to record daily or weekly programs. Radio YourWay can also be used as a voice-recorder or to listen to skip-free MP3 music.

'Following the recent launch in North America, we have had such a demand for Radio YourWay in the European market that we enhanced our original model to make it even more functional for savvy consumers,'' said Andy Park, Vice President of Operations at Pogo.

'By adding a resume function and AM/FM region setting, users can now easily switch their Radio YourWay between Europe and U.S. frequencies. We feel that Radio YourWay will be just as successful in Europe as it has been in the U.S. and Canada.'

Radio YourWay will be available in Europe at UHU for 175.00 EURO.

The Radio YourWay AM/FM Radio Recorder can also be purchased online at Pogo's web site.

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