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Motorola's A920 offers live video calling


October 17, 2003

Motorola's A920 offers live video calling

Motorola's A920 offers live video calling

Saturday October 18, 2003

The Motorola A920 is an all-in-one mobile phone, video and still camera, PDA and MP3 player that offers live mobile video calling functionality now available via Hutchinson Telecoms 3G mobile network "3".

Touch screen navigation using a stylus and a virtual onscreen keyboard is featured and a wide screen "landscape" image viewing option is available at the push of a button. PDA functions of the Motorola A920 include synchronization with Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Organiser and Lotus Notes.

The A920 runs on a version of the open operating system, Symbian OS v7.0 and an expansion memory card is available for up to 256 extra MB of capacity.

3's video calling and content services are only available in our video coverage zones in most areas of Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Adelaide and Perth.

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