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LG Electronics unveils 76-inch Plasma TV


October 14, 2003

LG Electronics unveils 76-inch Plasma TV

LG Electronics unveils 76-inch Plasma TV

Wednesday October 15, 2003

LG Electronics announced that it has developed the world's largest-screen plasma-display panel (PDP) TV at the Korea Electronics Show earlier this week. The 76-inch screen adds 5 inches of real-estate to the largest unit previously manufactured by LGE, and at just 83mm thick, its unlikely to shrink the seating capacity of your home theatre.

Featuring a 2.07 million pixel full-definition screen, the PDP utilises a "one-unit" filter attached to the PDP module itself along with a new plasma designed for high-speed driving and sharper image quality. "Plasma" is the gas consisting of free-flowing ions and electrons that is used in plasma display technology in which an image is formed by illuminating tiny fluorescent lights that make up the pixels on the screen.

No pricing or Australian release details were available at the time of publication, but to give some indication, the largest LGE PDP currently available here - the 60" FLATRON Plasma Display Panel MT-60PZ12 - is priced at AUD$24,999.

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