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Citro'n C3 voted 2003 World Car


October 6, 2003

Citro'n C3 voted 2003 World Car

Citro'n C3 voted 2003 World Car

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Tuesday October 7, 2003

The Citro'n C3 has been voted 2003 World Car at the Frankfurt Motor Show. The prize is awarded to the vehicle judged as the best design for use around the world by a jury of prominent motoring journalists.

The award is based on criteria relating to intelligent technology, environmental compatibility and the ability to meet international safety standards. The vehicles are also assessed in terms of their design and production quality.

Having already been named the most beautiful small car in the world, the latest award proves that the Citro'n C3 is more than just a pretty face according to Miles Williams, General Manager for Citro'n in Australia: "Its good looks are backed up by real technological advantages, design integrity and real across the board ability. The Citro'n C3 is as good crossing the River Seine in Paris as it is crossing the Nullarbor Plain in Australia."

This is the third time Citro'n has claimed the World Car Award since it was created in 1991. The Xsara Picasso took the prize in Paris in 2000 and the C5 in Geneva in 2002.

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