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Cost-efficient Satellite Comms enable Sailing Home Office


September 14, 2003

Cost-efficient Satellite Comms enable Sailing Home Office

Cost-efficient Satellite Comms enable Sailing Home Office

Monday September 15, 2003Unless you happen to be a fisherman, the logistics of finding fulfilment in a SOHO (sailing office/home office) environment have been formidable up to this point, but the advent of global satellite communications and the rising demand for the lifestyle afforded by running a small business from on the water is bringing the technology within reach.The SOHO market in Australia, where boat ownership per-capita is the second-highest in the world, represents a key sector for communications providers.The first of several SOHO communications advances Gizmo will investigate in coming issues, the Nera F33 terminal provides telephone, fax (9.6kbps), data (9.6 with compression up to 40kbps) and a Mobile Packet Data Service (MPDS - 64kbps forward and 28kbps return) that gives "always-on" access to internet and email services beyond the reach of conventional mobile phone and radio networks.Specifically designed for smaller and medium-sized motor sailing yachts, the F33 utilises the Inmarsat Fleet satellite platform and is based on the larger F77 system used in merchant shipping.Beneficial for recreational boat-users as well as business people who want to combine the freedom of the sea with the advantages of keeping in touch, you can install the F33 by yourself and the compact (40 x 40 cm) antenna will fit into existing streamlined motor-yacht domes.See for further information.

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