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Sony Car Cradle offers more than charging on the move

Sony Car Cradle offers more than charging on the move

Sony Car Cradle offers more than charging on the move

Saturday Auguat 9, 2003

Sony have released a Car Cradle Accessory that boosts CLIE handheld functionality to include GPS Navigation, Audio playback of MP3 and text-to-voice for read-back of email or appointment reminders. The PEGA-CC5 car cradle accessory also plugs into the vehicle's cigarette lighter socket to power the cradle unit and recharge the handheld's internal battery.

The GPS Assist Navigation system displays the car's location and direction of movement through the CLIE handheld screen and the cradle unit provides turn-by-turn directions with voice prompts (although this requires PC and Internet connection for route set-up).

The Audio function provides playback of digital music files stored on
Memory Stick media using car audio speakers through the FM transmitter.

A Remote Commander remote control unit also enables wireless control of certain CLIE software applications and CLIE car cradle functions.

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