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Voice enabled, street level GPS navigation


June 23, 2003

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Originally developed and manufactured in New Zealand and already launched in the US and European markets, the Navman GPS 3450 handheld navigation solution for Pocket PC is now available in Australia.

Designed for use with HP iPAQ Pocket PC handheld, the voice-enabled system provides turn-by-turn instructions to drivers or pedestrians and includes an extensive "points of interest" listing so that the specific services such as the nearest car park, motel, restaurant or service station can be quickly located.

The GPS 3450 calculates door-to-door routes and can determine the shortest or quickest route to any destination.

Navman's software also enables users to choose whether they download one or more states of Australia and European or US maps can be added when traveling to those destinations. For the additional memory required for these operations a CompactFlash memory card expansion slot option is included (instead of the more expensive SD memory card).

Detailed mapping to street level is relayed visually on the iPAQ screen or via voice commands and ETA calculations, multi-lingual capabilities, an auto-zoom feature that signals upcoming manoeuvres and "Back-on-track" rerouting that automatically corrects the required travel route when you stray off-course are among the additional features of the GPS 3450.

According to Navman Australia's National Sales Manager, David King, the navigation technology has been pivotal in developing a new generation personal GPS unit for the mobile computing market that's easily accessible to first time users."Ease of use is paramount for this type of product - important for use in vehicle while driving and especially for first time users," he says.

The voice-enabled feature provides users with turn-by-turn instructions, and round about exit warnings in advance."For in-car navigation, the user sees larger, clearer graphics and instructions, providing an easy operation. The graphics are so practical, the GPS3450 is now the only GPS solution where the user can touch the on-screen graphics with their fingers to navigate around the Pocket PC.

"Navman is the only manufacturer to have created both GPS hardware and the mapping software for the iPAQ Pocket PC.Travroute and Magellan also produce GPS-based navigation solutions for Palm and Pocket PC PDAs - stay tuned to Gizmo in coming weeks as we examine the latest offerings.

For further information contact: Navman Australia Pty Ltd Suite 2, 408 Victoria Road, Gladesville, NSW 2111 Phone: +61 (0)2 9879 9000 Email : pcnsales.aus@navman.comor follow the link to Navman.com

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