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Home networking control from the kitchen


July 31, 2003

Home networking control from the kitchen

Home networking control from the kitchen

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Friday August 1, 2003

The iCEBOX FlipScreen is an LCD touch screen interface designed specifically for use in the kitchen as part of a networked home. A washable, wireless keyboard and remote are included in the package that provides television and DVD viewing, CD Player, Internet access, FM Radio and video monitoring of the home.

The iCEBOX is the first release in the "Beyond" product initiative from Salton that will eventually include a wide range of networked appliances, from microwave ovens and coffee makers to health and medical devices for the home.

Although at first the kitchen seems like a strange place for an entertainment network centre, the reality is that in most homes the kitchen is the hub of physical activity, so it makes sense to position a space-efficient central access point there.

The iCEBOX browser enables the user to log on to the Beyond Network and program kitchen appliances like the Beyond Bread Maker, or control the entertainment, security and lighting settings throughout the house.

The touch screen LCD monitor mounts underneath a standard kitchen cabinet folds out of the way when not in use. We particularly like the washable wireless keyboard - shown being rinsed underneath a tap - which is likely to come in for some rough treatment in a busy kitchen environment.

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