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Wristwatch incorporates 128MB data storage

Wristwatch incorporates 128MB data storage

Wristwatch incorporates 128MB data storage

In a clever example of convergence, the Memix Memory Watch combines a 128MB portable storage device with a functional timepiece. The device connects to computer or PDA via a USB cable integrated in to the watch strap and password based protection is built in to secure access to important files.

Acting as a standard portable disk drive, the MEMIX Memory Watch stores any computer files including documents, images, audio and video.

The watch itself is water resistant to 30 metres, anti-static and shock proof and features a
Citizen movement with up to a 3-year battery life.

Supporting Plug & Play on Windows 98/ME/2000/XP, Linux 2.4 or higher and Mac OS 8.6 or higher, the MEMIX Memory Watch is availabe online in Black or Grey at a cost of '69.99 (Excluding: VAT at 17.5%) - that's around AUS$175 + tax.

As converts to the convenience of portable USB drives, we at Gizmo think its a sensible idea - its one less item to misplace among the office clutter.

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