Go-Go Dog Pals: Remote controlled toys for your dog to chase


May 20, 2012

Go-Go Dog Pals are said to be rugged and durable enough to withstand what your dog throws at them

Go-Go Dog Pals are said to be rugged and durable enough to withstand what your dog throws at them

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A stick, a ball, a rope with a knot tied on it, these are all tried and tested methods of entertaining and exercising dogs. But for some people, basic isn't always best … meet Go-Go Dog Pals, remote controlled pet toys designed to be chased by dogs while the owner takes the more leisurely option of controlling it with a remote.

The remote controlled toy - which comes with a woodchuck shell but can be made to look (a bit) like a squirrel, a rabbit, a turtle, or a porcupine with optional covers - is said to be rugged and durable enough to withstand what your dog throws at it while helping to provide it with the exercise it needs.

Under the various shaped and sized covers is a high torque dual motor, four-wheel drive vehicle which can power along at 35 km/h (22 mph) on surfaces such as short grass, synthetic turf, gravel or dirt, and pavement. It has a built-in electronic speed control system and is controlled with a wheel and a trigger style remote which uses a 2.4GHz digital radio control system.

The idea behind the product is that by getting their dogs to chase the 1.76 kg device, owners will be able to ensure their four-legged friends get the exercise they need - in a way that's easier and less monotonous than running around the park and repeatedly throwing a stick.

"Dogs naturally like to chase because that is really what they were born to do," said William Bowen of Go-Go Dog Pals. "Whether it’s sheep or cattle, rabbits or squirrels, or other dogs, it’s in their DNA. Dogs are not meant to lead sedentary lives, but many owners find it difficult to consistently exercise their dogs properly. The Go-Go Dog Pals product is a great way to provide the exercise critical to your dog’s health without exhausting you in the process."

Bowen added that the product would be particularly helpful for pet owners who are older, struggle with their own fitness, or generally have difficulty exercising their pets. It's also said to be a good training tool for hunting dogs. Go-Go Dog Pals are currently available online from for US$300.

Source: Go-Go Dog Pals

Here's a quick vid of a pooch trying to catch a Go-Go Dog Pal:

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just seems like an excuse for dog-owners to also have a radio-controlled car to me?

Is it really a good idea to encourage your dog to start chasing small electrical cars? Wouldn't this just train your dog to also chase cars, bikes, small children on scooters, or even some poor kids' toy radio controlled car (that hasn't been doggie-proofed)?

A bit irresponsible no?

Facebook User

I'm sorry but really?

The elderly I could see this being helpful to but what retired person do you know that has a dog big enough to use that kind of exercise and is incapable of providing it themselves?

People wonder why America has gotten obese. I mean seriously "the product would be particularly helpful for pet owners who struggle with their own fitness"? I'm sorry but last time I checked getting outside and playing with your dog is a great way to work on your fitness especially if you struggle with it.

As for "consistently exercising your dog", unless this thing is autonomous and can run around your yard on it's own like a Roomba, the owner still has to be there sitting on their lazy butt driving the damn thing around not exactly freeing up any time.

Who really cares about irresponsible. Try stupid and lazy. Buy a $0.50 tennis ball and take the time to teach your dog how to fetch. Wrestle with him or just let him out in the backyard. Dog are surprisingly resourceful do entertain themselves though they love it even more when you actually spend time with them.


Well, I guess that has its place. But did you notice the people and dog in the background playing with the ball? More exercise and fun fur ALL of them. I run my dogs around every now and then using my little RC FJ Cruiser. Same concept exactly. The dogs will chase and play with any RC toy. It doesn't have to be one specifically for them.

Facebook User

Well said Scooby. Get off your lazy butts people!

Vaughan Barton-Johnson

I've got something like that. It's 4WD but it goes 100 KPH so the chances of a dog catching it if you don't want him to are pretty slim. If you're wondering, it's a Traxxas Slash Ultimate 4WD.


I would like to get the faster item. I have two young black labs that love to chase a laser beam. I've been looking for a rugged fast remote controled thingy for them to chase during the daylight. I have a bad back an am unable to run or do much with them.

Sonya Jones

Now if you connected it to the internet with video and audio you could play with your dog while you were at work. Sort of a trimmed back version of the RoboDog Sitter that the Prototype This team did a couple of years ago.


This is not a good idea - it initiates their prey drive sequence without ever allowing them to complete it (catch the prey), leading to obsessive behaviors similar to laser pointers (also a bad idea). Imagine someone holding your favorite food just beyond your reach - it's not fun, it's cruel. Throw them a ball, let them chase and catch it, everyone's happy.

Rebekah Robinson Klemm

it good for people with diablities who got a dog before they were disabled and dont want to get rid of them cos they are family

Stacey Angel

To the first person commenting: How lucky for you that your have the ability to WALK around a park and exercise your dog. Good for you! I guess those of us do not are just lazy, huh?

My dog does not bring balls back. Since I cannot go and get them, I use a battery controlled toy for her to chase. She gets tons of exercise, and it has not taught her how to chase cars, etc., because I do not let her run free. Any dog owner who does it an idiot.

She is from the pound, and without tons of exercises, barks while I'm gone. Perhaps you think I should stop using this "lazy" toy and just dump her back into the pound? Good for you that you're so perfect!

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