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GO-Easy ultralight trailer/camper rides behind a motorcycle or small car


August 13, 2014

The Roost Explorer 'Camping Pod' doubles as a top cargo box

The Roost Explorer 'Camping Pod' doubles as a top cargo box

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Several years back, SylvanSport introduced the GO Trailer, which remains one of the most versatile gear hauler/camper combos we've seen to date. The GO was designed to be a practical, lightweight trailer, but the company decided it wasn't quite lightweight enough. The new GO-Easy trailer is a smaller, simpler trailer that weighs a fraction of the original. It can haul bikes, boats and other gear and serve as a minimalistic camping trailer.

At a mere 275 lb (125 kg) with available aluminum floor and storage box, the GO-Easy is built to work with all kinds of vehicles, both large and small. It can hitch a ride with a Toyota Prius, MINI Cooper or even a motorcycle. Whatever vehicle it's behind, the GO-Easy's lightweight structure ensures that gas mileage takes as small a hit as possible.

The GO-Easy is built on a powder-coated steel frame and rides on a torsion axle. It can carry up 325 lb (147 kg) worth of gear, including up to five bikes or four kayaks. It's a simple, skeletal frame out of the box and includes standard LED running lights, a 2-in ball coupler, a Thule Crossroad load bar system, two safety cables, and a four-wire electrical connector.

The SylvanSport GO-Easy with stand-up paddleboard

GO-Easy owners can customize the trailer with their own hardware or SylvanSport options, which include a diamond-plate aluminum floor, weatherproof storage box with kayak hatch lid, and siding. Those that want to save a little money can use their own wood flooring and siding. The aluminum-floored deck provides 17.6 cu ft (498 L) of cargo space, and the weatherproof storage box adds 6.2 cu ft (175.5 L). The trailer's rails are compatible with Thule and Yakima racks.

Not only does the GO-Easy's small, light build offer advantages on the road, it proves helpful at home, making for easier handling and storage. The trailer has a 30-lb (13.6-kg) tongue weight and can be rolled by hand and stored upright.

The GO-Easy looks like a super-light, versatile trailer, but what really intrigues us is its ability to transform into an ultralight camping trailer. SylvanSport has partnered with Georgia-based roof tent manufacturer Roost to turn the GO-Easy into a basic two-person camper with storage space underneath. Roost's two-person (three "if necessary") Explorer tent is a clamshell design listed at 120 lb (54.4 kg), so the total weight of the GO-Easy Roost camper slides in at just under 400 lb (181.4 kg), which is even lighter than the average Teal Tail Feather MINI.

A sub 400-lb camping trailer with clamshell tent

The Roost tent doubles as a cargo box to make the GO-Easy Roost camper even more versatile. Its foam mattress and tent fabric remove at the pull of some Velcro, transforming it into a 13-in-high (33-cm) gear box for hauling skis, tools and other items.

SylvanSport also sells camping accessories, such as Goal Zero solar power equipment and the Road Shower solar shower. It looks like you'd need to mount the latter to the tow vehicle as the Roost tent appears to take up the entire GO-Easy rail system. Stow a portable toilet, water jug and cooking equipment in the GO-Easy and you have a tiny camper that takes care of your basic needs.

SylvanSport launched the GO-Easy this past March for US$1,995 (plus shipping) for the barebones, floor-less trailer that the company describes as a "capable roof rack on wheels." The aluminum floor and weatherproof storage box run $300 each, and other options are priced individually. As with the original GO trailer, SylvanSport does its manufacturing at its Brevard, North Carolina headquarters.

SylvanSport told us that it may offer the Roost tent as a direct-order option if demand is high enough. As of now, customers can order the tent directly from Roost or call SylvanSport to ready it for pick-up with the trailer. Roost lists the Explorer at $2,998 (plus $395 shipping).

Source: SylvanSport

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I think that is really neat. Even with the tent top unit, it seems light weight enough for even my Smart Fortwo to tow.

14th August, 2014 @ 05:27 am PDT

This is actually something I have been looking for with my Mini Cooper Convertible. And its actually not that expensive... figure about $400-500 for a trailer hitch, I can walk away for about $4k. Wonder how it drives behind you, any fish tailing when I'm cruising 80mph?

Rann Xeroxx
14th August, 2014 @ 05:58 am PDT
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