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Silvr Lining’s electrifying GO Collection of solar charging clothing


December 19, 2010

The GO Collection of solar charging clothing from Silvr Lining

The GO Collection of solar charging clothing from Silvr Lining

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Portable solar chargers like the U-Powered solar charger from Kiwi Choice are a handy way to keep mobile devices like smartphones, cameras and media players topped up with electricity while on the go. But if you’re looking for a more convenient way to carry a solar charger with you then the GO Solar Power Collection line of clothing from Silvr Lining could prove a good fit. It comprises a range of clothing items that feature pockets to house solar panels to charge up mobile electronic devices.

The GO Collection includes a hip-length, Bush-style Director’s Jacket, hooded Utility Vest, 3/4 length Myer’s Topper overcoat and Urban Cargo Pant, so you can be decked from head to toe in sunlight harnessing apparel. All garments are made from Ultrasuede, a 100 percent polyester fabric that feels like natural suede but is resistant to stains and discoloration, is easy to wash and dry, and is animal-friendly. The iems come in a choice of either Olive Green or Stone Grey colors featuring an appropriately monikered cell print design.

All articles of clothing in the range feature specially designed pockets to house the independently functioning solar power supply panels, which measure 6 x 8 inches (15 x 20 cm) and output power that is tailored for automatic charging of mobile electronic devices. As with the somewhat similar Ecotech Jacket from Zegna Sport, these panels can also be removed from the clothing to act as self-contained chargers and they are also USB 2.0 compatible.

All the pieces of the GO Collection include two solar panels, while additional units can be purchased separately for the Director’s Jacket, which can accommodate up to four panels.

As any fashionista will tell you, such trend-setting style doesn’t come cheap, and Silvr Lining’s GO Collection is no exception, ranging in price from US$920 for the Urban Cargo Pant up to $1,260 for the Myer’s Topper. Additional solar panels will set you back $175 each and there’s also a Booster Panel designed to fit the back pouch of the Myer’s Topper that is claimed to cut charging time in half. It sells for $75.

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lol.. so dumb.

Michael Mantion

If useful at all. I would think they\'d be far more effective as epaulets as opposed to stuck on low side pockets as shown.


extremely dumb..what was the concept disposable clothes?

Faizan Hamidani
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