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Gizmocase - protection for your iPhone and a place for your credit cards


May 4, 2010

The Gizmocase holds and protects your iPhone, credit cards, earbuds and more

The Gizmocase holds and protects your iPhone, credit cards, earbuds and more

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Is your iPhone 3GS not being taken seriously any more because all your friends have one too? You need a Gizmocase to turn heads (and bottle tops). This groovy silicone skin protects against impact and your phone’s ports and buttons are protected against dust and moisture, helping to prolong the life of your device.

Recently, we’ve covered software products that turn your smart phone into a credit card. Well, if you don’t want to turn your phone into a cashless wallet, the next best thing is to turn your phone holder into one, because the GizmoCase has slots for carrying up to four cards and lets you quick-draw them like a wild west six-shooter from the holster attachment.

The GizmoCase from Barefoot Innovations has a clip to secure it to your purse or jeans pocket or attach a lanyard to wear it around your neck. It can hold your earbuds, too, while it cradles your iPhone. And, covering all the essential bases, you can open bottle tops with the special opener embedded in the design.

It comes in nine colors and sells for US$29.99. The holster is US$4.99.

So is the humble wallet dead in the water? Probably not just yet... but the writing is on the wall.


Great- now when someone steals your iPhone- they get your credit cards too...

Facebook User
4th May, 2010 @ 07:36 am PDT

Bah, not waterproof. I'm sticking with my iTouch and Otterbox Armor.

4th May, 2010 @ 07:14 pm PDT
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