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G-Form Extreme Sleeve - the 'world's most rugged' laptop case


May 3, 2011

G-form Extreme Sleeve for Laptop put to the test

G-form Extreme Sleeve for Laptop put to the test

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G-Form has taken its expertise in protecting the bodies of cyclists and skaters and applied it to consumer electronics, first with a case for iPad that's tough enough to withstand a bowling ball attack and now with what's billed as "the world's most rugged case for laptops." Made from a water-resistant, flexible, lightweight material that hardens upon impact, the Extreme Sleeve for Laptop will ship at the end of May in 11", 13" and 15" sizes. Could be just the thing if you're looking to drop your MacBook off a balcony ...

The Extreme Sleeves for iPad and Laptop use the company's Reactive Protection Technology that "instantly stiffens upon impact and absorbs over 90% of the energy."

So like the d3o advanced motorcycle armor we tested a while back, the Extreme Sleeve material is pliable when moved slowly, but hardens when it encounters a solid bump.

The Extreme Sleeve for Laptop is due for release on May 31 priced at US$69.95 for the 11" and $79.95 for the 13" and 15". The iPad version costs $59.95.

So how tough is it? To prove its case, G-Form decided to drop the Extreme Sleeve from a 20 foot balcony with a MacBook inside:

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And what about hard drive damage? On an SSD notebook, no problem.

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What if you drop it on it\'s EDGE?


Yeah, I want to see that dropped on a corner. And then let\'s do a hard disk surface scan, if the screen is still intact.

Not that I\'d trust ANY laptop case protector to be dropped on a corner. Not unless it\'s packed in several inches of foam inside an aluminum briefcase.

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