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Get 95% Off The Award-Winning Mac Bundle

There’s nothing like the love of a Mac owner. We cherish our OS and will do anything to keep our beautiful, svelte machines running smoothly. And I have to say, the MacLovin Bundle is a pretty nice way of treating your Mac. Every app is award winning — there isn’t a single dud among the 8, and you get a masterclass in XCode as well — all for $39.

While Cinemagraph Pro is probably the best way of creating those moving images on Mac, you’ve got Hype 2 in there for HTML5 animations, and the slick window-management of Moom. There’s also Dropzone for quick access to your apps and workflows, Keyboard Maestro for text expansion, and NetSpot Pro for a good look at your network status. Plus djay for the after-party, and Boom to turn it up a little louder. As mentioned, the bundle includes The OS X App Masterclass as well, which provides 22 hours of Mac app coding tuition (first 5,000 customers only). Grab it via the link below.

>> Get 95% off Mac apps + tuition w/ the MacLovin Bundle ($39)

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