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Get 70% off a 3-year VPN Unlimited Subscription (US$19)

There are many good reasons to use a Virtual Private Network. This "proxy-internet" service keeps you hidden away from the digital world's bad guys and lets you pop up in other countries to see restricted content. It's awesome, in other words. But it doesn't have to be expensive – VPN Unlimited is currently offering a 3-year subscription for $19 (70% off).

In case you didn't know, the job of a VPN is to re-route your internet use, and thereby disguise it from anyone who's trying to suss you out. With the system running, your data can't be intercepted, even if you're using public Wi-Fi. It also means that you can check out websites from a foreign perspective, and in the case of VPN Unlimited, your bandwidth and connection speed are unrestricted (hello Netflix). If that appeals, check out the link below for more info and the special price.

>> Get 70% off a 3-year VPN Unlimited Subscription ($19)

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